Featured Artist - Manpreet K.

 Please allow us to introduce our featured artist, Manpreet K.  As you know, all the beautiful designs on the various products were hand-drawn by Manpreet herself.  Some took her months, others took her mere hours. Regardless of the time, we are certainly happy Manpreet chose to follow her dream.

Manpreet's father is a really a gem.  He told his children - have your dreams and certainly pursue them, but be sure to have something concrete you can depend on so that you can support yourself and not be dependent on anyone.

Manpreet followed her father's advice. By day, she works as an accountant.  But, as she worked in the industry, she realized that really her passion, her dream was in creating works of art that exude whimsy, fancy, and above all, happiness. So, as a young adult, she found the art that she calls "doodling."  We prefer to think of it as pure joy.

She began by working on her penstrokes and keeping her lines straight or circles smooth.  She then turned her focus on the interplay of colors and how mixing different colors changes the mood of a piece.  It is the reason why we have similar yet different variations of the mandala wheel or nature in various color schemes.

Manpreet is excited that her beautiful patterns and designs are now coming to life, for anyone to use and enjoy on a daily basis.