Color Inspired Artful Living

As parents, we struggle. We struggle with getting the children out of bed, getting them to eat, getting them to school on time, getting them home, fed, bathed and in bed, without too much television-watching of course! And this is only one weekday.

Somewhere in there, when the children are doing their own thing, we struggle with how we were going to inspire our children to be their best selves.  

And let's face it, we also struggle with how we can be our best selves. 

It's no secret that the environment you surround yourself with affects how you feel, how you think, and how you succeed.  For us, that means creating a clean, comfortable, cozy, decluttered space. 

We love the idea of using color mixed with creative, random designs to create a lively yet classic space for all of us to exist in. 

And we love the idea of using hand-drawn original art to spark our children's imaginations. 

While we don't have empirical data to support our experiment, what we can definitely say is every time our children see one Art-Princess's designs featured, they light up. They laugh and request more apparel with different designs.

They draw. A lot. They practice their music, without being cajoled and bribed. They seek out to improve their cursive.

Most importantly, the children want to be home with us, with each other, comfortable in their living environment and comfortable with their roles.

The struggle is by no means over.  But there is certainly a whole lot more happiness.