Family - Support & Love

Sanjeev Bajwa

“Families are Forever. Always in your heart. Memories to last a Lifetime. Inspiration & Dreams. Love & Laughter. Years of Joy.”

- Author Unknown

Simple words. We all know them. We use them when describing our family to other people.

But these words, the actual meaning of them did not start to resonate until we realized our children were growing up on the fringes of our extended family.

We tend to be introverted, having our children play and interact more with each other. But, when we go to family gatherings, we began noticing how other extended families interact with each other. It is clear these families have somehow built a connection with each other, one that is so ingrained that the “cousins” are now more siblings. The closeness is palpable. Tangible.

“I want that for my children,” I thought.

Now we have an opportunity to work with my cousin, our Featured Artist, Manpreet K., to showcase her artwork, artwork that brings joy to our families’ faces.

We hope the lesson being imparted to our children is our family takes on many shapes and forms. For those family members who are share your vision of working together, playing together and building the family into a stronger, more loving unit, support them, work with them and most importantly, love them!

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